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Community Project  

Climate Change and Food Production

A Virtual Meeting convened on 24 October 2010 via GoToMeeting, and facilitated by Dr Sandra Grimes.

Presentations were made by agricultural scientist Dr Maarten Stapper and philosopher and historian of science Dr Alan Chalmers (University of Sydney), concerning climate change and meeting the resulting environmental challenges for food production systems.

This meeting culminated in a report submitted to the late Professor Graeme Hugo in his capacity as an advisor to then Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke.


Environmental challenges in food production - Dr Maarten Stapper on Vimeo.


Virtual Meeting hosted through Citrix GoToMeeting and Co Serve Consulting technology infrastructure.

Citrix GoToMeeting

Meeting Documents

Meeting Agenda >> PDF/VirtualMeeting/CSJV-Presentation-20101024v3.pdf

Opening Presentation by Dr Sandra Grimes >> PDF/VirtualMeeting/SGrimes-Presentation-20101031rev.pdf

Additional Presentation by Dr Alan Chalmers >> PDF/VirtualMeeting/AFChalmers-Presentation-20101024v2abr.pdf

Meeting Report by Dr Sandra Grimes >> PDF/VirtualMeeting/Grimes-HugoReport-20101024v1.pdf

Additional Documents

Climate Change Commission Report >> PDF/ClimateChange/Climate_Commision-The_Critical_Decade-Full_Report-2012.pdf

Wilkins Strategic Review of Climate Change Programs >> PDF/ClimateChange/Wilkins-Climate-Report-2008.pdf


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