Community Engagement 

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Community Engagement  

Organics as a game changer (Conference Session)

Conference Session to be held at the Agrifood Research Network Conference AGRIFOOD XXV 2018, Brisbane, from 30 Nov to 5 Dec 2018, contact Dr Sandra Grimes.


Food, youth and the future of farming (Presentation)

Presentation at the Agrifood Research Network Conference AGRIFOOD XXIV 2017, Bandung Indonesia, Nov 2017, by Dr Sandra Grimes.

Organic Growing Systems: the Soil Association of South Australia - An Anthropological/Participatory Case Study (presentation title revised)


Organic and Biological Systems: Produce, Producers, Practice and Policy (Conference Session)

Conference Session held at the Agrifood Research Network Conference, Adelaide, Dec 2016, facilitated by Dr Sandra Grimes.


Export Growth and Food Production (Conversation)

A Conversation held at The Joinery, Adelaide, on 6 Aug 2015, facilitated by Dr Sandra Grimes.


Climate Change Grant Application

In 2011 we submitted an application for funding under the then Federal Government's Climate Change Grant Program.

Download application summary >> PDF/ClimateChange/CoServe_ProposalSummary-DCCEE_ClimateChangeGrant-20110804v1B.pdf

Climate Change and Food Production (Virtual Meeting)

We hosted a Virtual Meeting in Oct 2010, facilitated by Dr Sandra Grimes.



iTrack Mentoring and Learning for Life

Engagement with The Smith Family iTrack mentoring and "Learning for Life" sponsorship programs helping disadvantaged Australian children.

Other Interesting Stuff

Laverstock Park Farm and Jody Scheckter


Co Serve Consulting