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Engaged to advise on tenders for Automated Systems (Advanced Train Control System)
[Transport for NSW]

Engaged to advise on market sounding process for Automated Systems (Advanced Train Control System)
[Transport for NSW]

Engaged to advise on tenders for Energy Performance Contracting Services
[Australian Museum]

Engaged to advise on tenders for the New Intercity Fleet Stations & Signalling Enabling Works
[Transport for NSW]

Engaged to advise on tenders for the Northern Beaches B-Line Night Works
[Transport for NSW]


Co Serve Consulting is a leading independent professional services firm. We offer a range of extremely useful consulting and technology advisory services.  

Our Services

Management Consulting

Business planning, economic advice,  operational and performance reviews. > more

Probity & Procurement Advice

Probity advice, probity audits, governance and procurement advice. > more

Technology Advice

Planning, analysing and implementing computer based systems, sensible advice. > more

Community Engagement

Clients & Projects

      Projects - Michael Graves

You can contact us either via email or telephone +61 (04)02 003 669. 

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